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No matter your budget

Korn’s Torah Truck can provide you with complete, hassle-free event planning, added features for your event, or guidance on how to make it the most meaningful day of your life.

Trucks & Packages

Choose from our full range of trucks to lead your procession, adding majesty, providing direction, and acting as a platform for your music and/or singers.

We also have a wheelchair lift to make our truck accessible for your elderly or disabled guests, so they can also enjoy every moment.

When you arrange a Truck with Korn’s, you get DJ music, a high-quality sound system, and a chupah/canopy included. You also get a set number of flags and torches to enhance your procession.

To find the package that suits your taste and budget, contact us

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Event Planning

If you want to leave the planning, arranging, and smooth-running of your Hachnosas Sefer Torah in the hands of those who know how to do it best, it takes just one call to Korn’s Torah Truck, and we’ll take over the logistics of the entire day.

Want to leave it to the experts?

Music, Singer, Choir/Acapella & Sound System

Bring additional excitement and festivity to your house, shul, and for the duration of the meal with hours of beautiful Hachnosas Sefer Torah music. You get a choice of DJ music, a one-man band style, or additional instruments, complete with a sound speakers system.

We have a range of music presets for different communities and personal preferences.

To learn more about the music, sound system, and your custom options, 
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Please note: When arranging a Torah Truck with Korn’s, you get a DJ music and sound system for the procession included in the package.


Add splendor to your procession with a choice of beautiful chupah on wheels or a handheld canopy, showing honor and respect for the Torah.

For more about why a chupah is an important element of the procession learn more.

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Please note: When arranging a Torah Truck with Korn’s, you get a chupah for your procession included in the package.

Procession Accessories

Making a Hachnosas Sefer Torah exciting with crowns, balloons, flags, and other decorations helps create a joyful and memorable experience, especially for the children; our future generations.

Add a sense of celebration with:

  • Nosh & Pekelach
  • Flags
  • Torches
  • Safety torches
  • Light-up sticks
  • Crowns
  • Torah balloons

When arranging a Torah Truck with Korn’s, you get a set amount of flags and torches included in the package.

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Note: When you choose a Torah Truck package, many accessories are included as free gifts.

Signs & Lights

Beautify your new Torah’s journey by decorating it with signs, banners, and lights – for your house, shul, the meal, and streets along the way.

We also offer to hang up your signs and lights as an additional service.

To rent ready-made signs and lights shop now.

For customs signs and signs & lights rentals contact us.

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Photography, Video & Drone

For most people, making a Hachnosas Sefer Torah is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Capture every moment of the joyous day with experienced photographers and videographers through Korn’s services. No hassle necessary.

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Yes, we can take care of the meal, too!

Whether you want your meal in shul or at home, indoor or outdoor, buffet-style or plated, elegant or basic, we will help you delight your guests with delicious food to enhance the joyous atmosphere of your Hachnosas Sefer Torah event.

Contact us to hear more about menus and catering options.

Tents on wheels

“What if the weather ruins our plans?”
You no longer have to worry.

We have created special moving tents so you can march along and add more space while being protected from the elements.
We can provide separate tents for men and women with built-in lights, heaters for winter, and AC/fans for the summer.

To explore tent options and find the perfect fit for your occasion, please contact us.

Water & Ice

Take the procession up a notch by providing water and/or ice for all casual onlookers.

For more details contact us.

Valet Parking

Make your guests feel like VIPs by providing valet parking services for your Hachnosas Sefer Torah event. Our professional valet attendants will ensure a smooth parking experience, allowing your guests to arrive and depart with ease.

To discuss valet parking options and arrangements, please contact us.

Bleachers, Stages, Barricades, Light-up towers & Portable Toilets

Ensure everyone has a great view of the Hachnosas Sefer Torah procession and festivities with our sturdy and comfortable bleachers and stages for the head table or the music band. For your convenience, we can arrange light-up towers and portable toilets outside your house/shul.

For more information on sizes and availability, please contact us.

Horses or Horse &buggy

Make your Hachnosas Sefer Torah unforgettable.

For horses at your event, contact us.

Torches Wagon

Add warmth, light, and splendor to your procession with a torches wagon. Serving a similar purpose to regular hand-held flame torches, the wagon has brackets in place to secure the torches to prevent accidents and fires.
The wagon itself can also be decorated to match the overall theme of your event.

For more information contact us.

Need some guidance?

With more than hundreds of Hachnosas Sefer Torah events under our belt, we can advise you on how to make your special day as perfect as possible.