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Korn’s Torah Truck has been providing Jewish individuals from all types of communities all over America and across the globe to create epic experiences that bring glory to Hashem and his Torah.

We started with a Torah truck and have expanded to become a complete end-to-end service for Hachnosas Sefer Torahs, no matter your budget or the size of your event.

Guidance from the Experts

Having been in the business for so many years, we know that there are so many things you need to consider for a Hachnosas Sefer Torah event.
We know what to do and are prepared for inclement weather (see tents on wheels), we are fully equipped to accommodate elderly or disabled participants, and we know just the way to plan your big day so it should be thoroughly enjoyed by all of your guests.

Effortless Events

Our goal is to ensure your Hachnosas Sefer Torah experience is hassle-free. We’ll be your guiding hand every step of the way, providing everything you need to make your special day truly exceptional. You can take a back seat and savor the big day with your guests while we handle the logistics.

All in one place

Right from the beginning, we can help you find a skilled sofer and acquire the most beautiful parchments and Torah Scroll accessories. Then, we will help you plan every last detail of your big day, including music, procession accessories, signs and lights, photography and video, catering, tents, valet parking, bleachers, horses, and more, so you can make one phone call and have it all done.

Making things better for you, 24/6

At Korn’s, we dedicate ourselves to continual improvement. Our team collaborates with designers, invests heaps of time, and utilizes the latest technology to enhance our trucks, accessories, music, sound systems, and everything we offer. This commitment ensures your event runs safely and smoothly, whatever the weather, and that all of our services are highly customizable to your needs and wishes.

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All your questions, answered.

Everything you need to know about Hachnosas Sefer Torah Events.

I’m only going one block - do I still need a truck?
My house and shul are at the same address. Do I still need a truck?
I want to keep the event low-key - do I need a truck?
I am a quieter person; I don't feel comfortable making too much noise. Can I do away with a truck?

The Chasam Soifer and others have written that celebrating a Hachnosas Sefer Torah involves going out on the street intentionally “so that more people should see and it should penetrate the hearts of the children, and they should remember this for years.”

Having a truck allows more people, including your family, friends, congregation members, and others, to participate in holding the Torah and dancing with it, creating a bigger Kiddush Hashem.

In our experience, even going one block can take a while because the truck moves slowly, and there is often dancing outside the shul before going inside. So, it’s not just about distance; it’s about the celebration.

While this may seem like a solution, it often leads to various challenges and inconveniences. We’ve heard many stories over the years of generators that leaked gas, the speakers were not in sync and not intended for the purpose of the event, the makeshift chupah being impossible to uphold in inclement weather, etc.

Korn’s Torah Truck was designed to address these issues by providing professional and hassle-free services, including a powerful sound system, stable generators, a water-resistant chupah, a stage, and more, so everything is practical, convenient, and respectable. In the event of the weather not cooperating, you can have beautifully decorated waterproof tents waiting for you.

Yes, we travel all over the USA, and we can also ship our shop items like flags, torches, pekalech, crowns, hand chupah, etc.

How much time do I need to give for finishing the letters of the Sefer Torah?

Approximately 2 hours.

Typically, the meal lasts about 2 hours.

Reserve three parking spaces. (If you have a fire hydrant in front of your house or across the street, you can park your car or a family member’s car till the truck arrives and then move it.)

There are a few ways to address this issue:

1) If you have a shortcut available, we can set up the traditional chupah on the other side of the shortcut and keep a folding chupah or a 2nd chupah on wheels near your house until the end of the shortcut.

2) A truck can be used to play music in front of your house. Once everyone has gathered on the shortcut, the truck can drive around and meet you on the other side for the ceremony.

3) Have a group of people march from your house for a short distance, perhaps 1 or 2 blocks, and then transition to cars for a quick drive to a location just a block away from the synagogue.
From there, you can continue with the second part of the march to the shul.

4) Some people choose to provide a shuttle service for their guests to ensure they reach the ceremony location smoothly.

Contact your local precinct or community board, as well as organizations like Shomrim, Shmira, Chaverim etc, well in advance.

No, but we provide an approximate time ‘allowance’ for your event.

You should consider the following preparations:

  1. Sofer: Arrange for a sofer (scribe) if you plan to write a Torah scroll.


  1. Mikva: Ensure the mikva (ritual bath) at your local synagogue is open for those who wish to use it before participating in the ceremony.


  1. Catering: Plan for catering services if you intend to provide food and refreshments for the event.


  1. Invitations: Send out invitations to your guests. Create an email or WhatsApp list to make the invitation process more organized.


  1. Shul Setup: Prepare the synagogue for the event:

   – Move tables and chairs to the side to create space.

   – Ensure the aron kodesh (holy ark) is unlocked so that you can take out the Torah scrolls to welcome the new one.

   – In the summer, allow time for the air conditioning to cool the synagogue.

   – Ensure there is water available in the synagogue for the comfort of your guests.


  1. Remember to get a permit and arrange a police escort with your local police department.
Do I need music inside when the Torah comes into the shul after the procession?
Is it worthwhile if the dancing takes only 20 minutes?
Can we use the music from the truck outside for the inside of the shul?

From our experience, having music inside is recommended because you never know how long the dancing will take. Hearing music from the truck won’t provide the same experience, and the truck often needs to move away so as not to obstruct the street. 

We will work out a great price to provide you with music for inside as well.

Having music at the meal ensures good sound for speeches and provides music between speeches. 

Korn’s can offer a great package deal to include music for the meal.

 Yes, your musician/singer only needs to bring their keyboard and power source. We provide everything else, including a keyboard stand, cables, a mic with effects, and more.

We offer a DJ music system that caters to various styles, so live musicians and singers are not necessary.

What's the purpose of torches?

Torches are used to recreate the idea of the “lapidim” (fire), which is mentioned in the context of Mount Sinai when the Torah was given.

Flags and decorations are used to attract kids and make them feel like a part of the celebration.

What's the purpose of lights and signs by the house and shul?

Signs and lights act as an address for everyone to see, marking the house as the location of a Hachnosas Sefer Torah.

Some people will hang signs and lights a few days early, serving as a reminder for people passing by to attend the event.

We’ve created epic Hachnosas Sefer Torah experiences for thousands of families across the USA and beyond